Scott’s Bio

Scott’s Father Terry Maclaren and Uncle Gary Maclaren founded Fulham Tattoo in 1976, building their family business to become one of the most successful and long standing tattoo studios in London, still to this day they’re regarded as key figures in the tattoo world.

From the age of three Scott has been influenced to a world like no other, a Tattoo studio isn’t your usual crèche but Terry wasn’t an average Father.

The sound of a tattoo machine will make most people wince but for Scott he finds it comforting as it reminds him of his childhood.

Growing up he spent an inordinate amount of time by his Father’s side watching and learning his methods.  Scott is fortunate to share the same passion and being able to syphon his immense knowledge allowed him to grow as an artist.

Scott has been tattooing professionally since 2008, specialising in ultra fine line work, traditional colour, script and tattoos that are so fine and detailed for their size that most artists just laugh in amazement they are even being attempted. Scotts reputation has attracted celebrities and sports starts from all over the globe, such as: Ed Sheeran, Morgan Schniederlin, Nathaniel Clyne, James Arthur and Danny Care to name just a few.

Scott is now incredibly proud to continue the family business in his own manner whilst enhancing Fulham Tattoos rich history.

Scott’s Portfolio